Reasons Why you Should Not Miss a Safari in Tanzania

There are so many reasons why you need to choose Tanzania for your Africa safari. It has so many attractive natural features that are appealing to most visitors. In fact, you might not come across any other country in Africa that is as appealing as Tanzania. If you have never visited this place, then you have no idea of how much you are losing. Tanzania is privileged to have one of the highest mountains in the whole of Africa. When you try to narrow down the reasons why tourists love this country, you will find it challenging trying to make the counts. Below are some considerations you need to know.

The first one is that Tanzania has the greatest diversity and concentration of animals in the entire of Africa. When it comes to birds, there are more than 1,100 species that you would find in this country. Again, it is proud to have the most treasured game reserves and national parks word wide. In fact, Selous Game Reserve is the greatest game reserve in the whole world. Thus, no other country has any reserve that resembles this one in Tanzania. In this reserve, you will find more than 160,000 buffaloes, 120,000 elephants, and around 2,000 rhinos. Visit this homepage to know more!

The other reason is that here is where the Maasai people live. In the rift valley region, it is where the iconic Maasai are found. These individuals come from well knowledgeable local tribes because they live in the Ngorongoro area and Serengeti Park. Their distinctive dress and customs are what makes them famous. Also, the attractive beaded jewelry, bright robes and not forgetting their extraordinary height is what fascinates most tourists. Isn't that the best tribes you need to know more about? Of course, they are and the best people to associate with. To know more about safari, visit .

In Tanzania, this is where the wildebeest migrated to. In the oldest most known national park, is known as Serengeti National Park. This place has been named severally as among the Africa's Seven Ordinary Wonders. At this plains, the tourists can view around 6 million hooves thrashing across the place. At these plains, you will meet more than 300,000 Thomson's gazelle plus 200,000 zebra grazing for fresh grass. Thus, in Tanzania, this is where the most annual migration takes part here. Tourists also like to visit Tanzania's greatest mountain known as Mt Kilimanjaro. It is a major destination for climbing and connects with the Kilimanjaro Park, go here to learn more!